Email Marketing Follow-Up: How to Turn New Prospects into Lifelong Customers

Use automated emails to build relationships with prospects, turn leads into buyers, and cross-sell relevant products.

Length: 18 Lessons
Duration: 1 Hour 31 Min
Category: Marketing, Email, Acquisition, Leads

English & Spanish closed captions available

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John Grimshaw

Chief Marketing Officer, SmartMarketer

John Grimshaw is an analyst, digital marketer, and educator empowering business owners around the world to embrace their left brain and make data-driven decisions. An avid believer in doing the work, John has profitably directed over $7 million in paid traffic spend, 462 million sent emails, and hundreds of promotional campaigns. After coming on as CMO in March of 2020, he helped drive a record-breaking year of growth at Smart Marketer. He is a cohost of the Smart Marketer Podcast, the creator of the Analytics & Data Mastery course for DigitalMarketer, and a 5-year-running Traffic & Conversion Summit speaker.

Lesson Plan:

Module 1: Let's Get Started

1. Welcome to the Email Marketing Follow-Up Course (3:13)
2. The Importance of Email Marketing Follow-Up (2:55)
3. How We Will Get the Job Done (1:06)

Module 2: Writing a Good Email

1. The 8 Immutable Laws of Email (14:51)

Module 3: Let’s Plan Your Welcome Funnel Structure

1. What Makes a Good Welcome Sequence? (6:23)
2. Welcome Sequence: Triggers, Length & Structure (3:05)
3. Your Welcome Sequence Map (7:47)

Module 4: What Makes a Good Upsell Funnel?

1. What Makes a Good Upsell Sequence? (3:30)
2. Upsell Sequence: Length & Structure (3:46)
3. Your Upsell Sequence Map (7:07)
4. What Makes a Good Cross-Sell Sequence? (2:33)
5. Cross-Sell Sequence: Triggers, Length & Structure (4:19)
6. Your Cross-Sell Sequence Map (8:42)

Module 5: Let’s Set Up Your Marketing Funnels

1. Working Inside Kajabi's Sequence Builder (6:39)
2. Setting Up Your Welcome Sequence (3:19)
3. Setting Up Your Upsell Sequence (4:49)
4. Setting Up Your Cross-Sell Sequence (4:24)
5. Congratulations! (1:41)