20 Lessons

1 Hour 5 Mins

Build A Website

Learn to build, market, and sell yourself with a top-notch website in Kajabi.


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Some language terms have been updated as part of Kajabi’s improved redesign.  

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Lesson Plan:

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Welcome to Kajabi (0:43)

Website Psychology

Why Do People Visit Your Website? (7:22)
Writing Copy That Speaks To Your Customer Types (3:54)
How to Sell On Your Site (5:34)

Website Creation

Template Index Pages (3:40)
The Impact of Landing Pages (2:06)
Home Page Flow (2:33)
About Page Flow (3:24)
Services Page Flow (3:17)
Sales Page flow (3:07)
Website Inspiration (1:00)
Gathering Assets (3:37)
Website Overview (2:15)
How to Build Pages (1:52)
Connecting Pages with Navigation Menus (2:09)
Website Template Pages (3:06)
Choosing a Website Template (1:45)
Adding Pages to Your Website (1:49)

After Website is Live

Tracking Data from Opt-in Forms (3:38)
How to Connect Google Analytics (3:02)
GDPR FAQ (5:41)