20 Lessons

60 Minutes

Build A Course

In this course, you will walk through the entire course creation journey in Kajabi. Learn about Offers, Products, Product Templates, Pricing, Terms & Conditions, and more!

⚠️ Important note: 

Some language terms have been updated as part of Kajabi’s improved redesign.  

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Lesson plan:

Let’s Get Started

Kajabi Basics (4:18)

Product Creation

Selecting a Product Template (3:59)
Edit Product Details (1:13)
Creating a Course Outline (2:04)
Product Outline Walkthrough (3:14)
Add Videos & Customize Lesson Details (2:45)
Release Options & Assessments (2:43)
Basic Course Customization (3:26) 

Additional Steps

Edit Email Templates (1:51)
Customizing Your Library & Login Page (3:35)
Affiliate Set-Up (3:09)

Offer Creation

Offers Overview (1:20)
Connecting Stripe & PayPal (3:09)
How to Create A New Offer (1:25)
Offer Builder Walkthrough (6:09)
Pricing Options (2:54)
Customizing Offer Checkout (7:16)
How to Share an Offer (1:17)

After Purchase

Tracking Progress (2:15)
Creating an Announcement (1:23)