How to Create and Edit Your First Video Lesson

Creating your first video lesson is a fun and exciting way to share your knowledge and generate income. In this course, you will learn the quickest and easiest ways to create your first video lesson using equipment you already have! Learn about low-budget (or no-budget) solutions you can use right now to film and edit your very first video in Kajabi.

Length: 7 Lessons
Duration: 21 Mins
Category: Video editing, tutorial

English & Spanish CC available

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Lesson plan
  1. Welcome (1:22)
  2. MythBusters (2:39)
  3. Phone Capturing (5:52)
  4. Video Recording with Your Computer (4:51)
  5. Editing Made Easy (6:36)
  6. How to Upload to Kajabi (4:28)
  7. Recap (0:37)